The Corgi Dog, named Corgi!

My name is Corgi! I am also a Corgi. I call my master "human." I was born in Alachua County, Florida and have always lived here. Nevertheless, my fame has spread throughout the globe. People from Malaysia, Canada, Netherlands, Bolivia, to right here in Gainesville have heard of me. Even various moviestars have heard of me and have wanted to meet me! They've even written me emails!

By the way, that picture of me on the right is me, when I played Santa Clause. I was cool!!!

I'm also a member of the dog park in Gainesville. You can see me at this site with Bobbie, who is also a member of the dog park. He lived with us for about 4 weeks. My master and I rescued him from the pound, which by the way is a miserable place to be at if you're a dog.

I've had several owners already, but now I'm with Kees, from Holland and this is my final owner. You can read all about him right here. You can also read my master's stories here. My first owner besides my mom were Richard and Cindy. Then I moved to Carolyn Yoho's father's home for three months. He named me "Sam." He was afraid, he would step on me though, so he gave me back to Ted and Carolyn, where I grew up playing with their kids, especially Tyler and also another Corgi, named Itchy, who came from a very rich family. Then I was adopted by Kees and I live with him now. Kees called me Corgi, because of his friend Matt's suggestion. See Kees thinks that the name Sam sounded a bit like a man selling fruit on a Dutch Market. And when I went to Holland, I can say, that I saw those guys and I'm nothing like them. I've got so much more class!!! I'm a dog of Royal Descent!

I've also had a very strange thing happen to me. See my master and I went for a walk through the Spring Arts festival in Gainesville. As usual everyone stopped and had to pet me, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Then a police officer walked up to my master and informed him that I was not allowed at the spring arts festival, unless I was a seeing-eye dog. This I must say appalled me. First of all, my breed of dogs roams all over Buckingham palace and then this police officer had the audacity to not allow me at this redneck based arts festival. And then the part of the seeing-eye dog, that was the biggest bunch of baloney I had ever heard, because why would a blind person go to a festival full of paintings. He can't see them. It must be human logic, but I don't get it.

I've also been on television with my master several times. I was featured with my master' James Bond Collection. You can view it right here. The picture of me with the Aston Martin is when I played agent 007. Notice the licence-plate (that's how we spell it in the Queen's English). It is BMT216A, the same number as Bond in Goldfinger. Check it out in the film, if you don't believe me.

Let me see what else. Oh, yes, my favourite television character is Angelica of Rugrats and All Grown Up! She is so funny. I love watching that show. She has class, and the actress, who does her voice, Cheryl Chase has also heard of me! Talking about celebrities. A lot of them know all about me. It all started when my master was talking with Ashlie Brillault of Disney's Lizzie McGuire. Well, I felt I had to be in on the action too! So, I started barking! Then later, Tracy Shreve of the DOC show sent me an email saying that I was all cute. She loved me on this website. Andrea Robinson of the same show also knows me and she thinks that I'm adorable and lovely. I like her too! Chelsea Wilson of Disney's Lizzie McGuire also thinks I'm adorable! Let's see, who else knows me... Oh, yes, Catherine Hicks of Seventh Heaven loved me and sent me a big hug via my master. She says people with Corgis are lucky! Smart actress!!! Oh, and Ivana Bozilovic of the Charlie's Angels film just loves me and thinks that I have such a cute bark. You can hear her say this by clicking here. I also really like Hunter Gomez. He played in the film National Treasure and he invited me to his home and sent me this picture. You can click on it and see it enlarged. Let's see... Ashley Leggat of Life with Derek has heard of me, but she has three cats, which I would like to chase. Several of the Bond girls have heard about me too, such as Lana Wood (She is the sister of Natalie Wood) and Trina Parks of "Diamonds are Forever." Oh and Lauren Mayhew of "Raise Your Voice" also thinks I'm cute, which I am, by the way, much cuter than that Tickerbell dog of Paris! I don't think he even has a website. (By the way, Paris has heard of me too! I told you, I'm famous!)

Talking about filmstars, guess, who came to visit me? Yes, Trina Parks visited me a couple of days ago and she absolutely loved me, which was no suprise to me, because I know Bond girls really like me. This is a picture of me and her.

I really enjoyed that and the next week, there was a whole article about me in the Newspaper. That was a lot of fun. You can read it here: My Article in the Newspaper.

Then there is another actress, that I visited when she came to this area. Her name is Monet. She is really kind and she loved me and so then I had my picture taken with her. As a matter of fact, Kees and Monet sponsor several children through Compassion, which is really neat, because, they write me letters and they really love me. So, I have children all over the world, who love me and who write me. If you'd like to find out more about Compassion, you want to click on this link below. My daddy can tell you more about it, if you have questions, because I don't totally understand it, but I do think you should sponsor some children. Just click on this link: The Compassion Website. Oh, and my daddy also interviewed the President of Compassion and I sniffed on his pants. He's been in many places. I could smell that, and he really loves children. You can read more about him in my daddy's story right here.

But life as a Corgi isn't all peaches... Something happened to me, which saddened me a bit. I got cancer in one of my legs, so Dr. Marie Schretzmann had to amputate one of my legs. When I woke up, I started crying, my master was with me and comforted me and started crying too. Oh, and Ivana send me a nice email and she said that she sent me good vibes and I started feeling better and Hunter also wrote me and told me that he hopes I would feel better. You can see that here. Two weeks later, I went to Holland and visited my master's parents. I call them grandpa and grandma. They are so nice. They love me so much and they have pictures of me all over their house! I feel a lot better now though and my leg is healing up well.

Just recently, I was cast in the as an underwater King of the Corgi mermaids. That was fun. These are some of the pictures of me in the Comic Book, just click here. I liked it, because I also did a charity event with Hunter Gomez in Land O'Lakes and then Hunter put me on his website under photos and then look under the charity photos and the Compassion event. You can see the flyer for it right here.

My master just recently went to Bolivia to visit the children, he sponsored with Compassion. Each of the children was so kind and they all asked about me, so my master showed them videos of me. This is Shedenka on the left. When she writes a letter, she makes drawings of me and she also asks my master to scratch me on top of my head, which I thoroughly enjoy. Right below Shedenka is Yovana's cell phone. She also lives in Bolivia and notice, who she has on the picture on her phone. Yes, that's yours truly. I put Yovana in a little picture in the corner, so you can see how nice she is. Yovana loves me very much. Then on the right, that is Jessica. She is a Compassion child in Columbia and this is a picture of her with my website. I think it would be a good idea for you to sponsor children too. You can do that by clicking here. If you want to see more pictures of my master's visit to Bolivia, you can click right here.

My master actually took me to Holland for Christmas a couple of times. I have to fly in an airplane to go there. I sit in a little cage during the flight though, which I really don't enjoy. When I was in Holland, I also had my picture taken in the snow. You can see that to the right of here. Also, you can see me next to a Dutch farm above here. That was fun. I have boasted about that to all the dogs in the dog park. They are trying to keep up with the Corgis!

Anyways, it was such a pleasure to meet you! I hope to talk with you again. (By the way that has been me barking the whole time!) 


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